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Waltham Rambles Registered Dog Walkers and Licenced Home Boarders
Waltham, near Grimsby
Pet Sitting Service and Rates



At Waltham Rambles we know that there are times

when you are going to have to be away from your pet

overnight or for a few days, for example a family

emergency or a well deserved short break.


It can be an upheaval and stressful for both

you and your pet to find somewhere for them to stay.

So why not take advantage of our  Bespoke

Pet Sitting Service, tailored to the needs of your pet,

and let us come to you?




Your pet stays in their home environment with everything familiar around them

and you have the peace of mind that they are being well cared for whilst you

can't be there. We can also keep an eye on your property and give it that lived in look.


 We appreciate that it is a big step to allow someone else into your home, therefore

we are fully insured and  CRB checked for your peace of mind.

We are also full members or NARPS(UK) and abide by their code of conduct at all times.


Please note that we do not offer a full 24 hour Pet Sitting service in your home.

What we do offer is an overnight service including a morning walk and feeding etc.

We can also offer our pop in service during the day and an additional daytime walk.

Our aim is to ensure that your Pet is settled in their own environment, but not left

on their own for an extended length of time. For example the RSPCA guidelines for

Dogs are that ideally they should not be left alone for more than four hours at a time.


Please note it is completely against our policy and professional code of conduct

to leave a Dog unattended overnight or for long periods during the day.


If you require more than one night we can arrange a suitable care package for you.

Discounts will apply for block bookings.

We can provide a written quotation via email on request.


Please contact us for free no obligation consultation in your home home to discuss your

Bespoke Pet Care Package, tailored to your pets needs.



 Our Individual Pet Sitting Services and Rates are as follows:-


 Dogs only and based on an individual Dog.

Discounts will be offered for more than one Dog from the same family (please contact us for a quotation)


Overnight Sitting (including 30 minute morning walk)

(9pm to 7am Monday to Friday.)


Overnight Sitting (including 30 minute morning walk)

(9pm to 7am Weekends and Bank Holidays)

30  Minute Pop in Service during the day (at none peak times Mon to Fri)
 £  9
30 Minute Pop in Service during the day (Weekends and Bank Holidays)

Additional walks are charged at our group walk rates of £9 per hour during the week

and £12 for 45 minutes on weekends at Bank Holidays


We can also offer a pop in service package for your small furries etc whilst you are on holiday.

We can extend our Pet Sitting Service to include Cats if required.


Please contact us and we can arrange a suitable care package for you.


Please note this Pet Sitting Service is meant for short-term use only for Dogs

It is not intended for use for extended Annual Leave.




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Waltham Rambles - here for your best friend when you can't be