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Waltham Rambles Registered Dog Walkers and Licenced Home Boarders
Waltham, near Grimsby
Dog Walking Services and Rates
   The Dog walking service we offer can be tailored
   to your dogs needs as much as possible.
   We can discuss this face to face at at the intial
   free consultation and meet and greet with yourself
   and your dog. We also offer free meet and greet
   walks to ensure we  are a good match for your dog.
   It is as important to us as it is  to you that your dog
   enjoys his walks to the full and is safe and happy.

Please find us on Facebook and view the photographs

of our Doggy Clients enjoying their walks.

Pictures speak louder than words.

Please also read the numerous reviews where our clients speak for us.



 "Lynn has been absolutely brilliant with our hyperactive puppy Buster.
She has reinforced all his training so that he has come on in leaps and bounds.
My partner works shifts and I work full time, so Lynn's flexible approach has been invaluable to us.
She is great with Buster and I love having someone I trust caring for him when we aren't around.
I would definitely recommend Waltham Rambles to anyone!!" 
"Lynn is fantastic with Ollie, she cares for him like he is her own but it also consistent with our training methods.
Lynn's flexibility makes our lives so much easier and reduces the guilt of going to work and leaving Ollie alone.
I would recommend Waltham Rambles to anyone"

We believe it is important that we give each dog quality time on our walks. Our walks are variable
 and in secure  local Green areas, Parks and Woods. We will be consistent with training and
commands that you have in place.
We collect your dog from your home and walk them with as much care and attention as you would
yourself. They are then returned home, well excercised and stimulated and settled into their
normal routine. We can't guarantee that we will bring them back clean, but we will give them a
rub down and clean them up as best we can.

Under the terms of our insurance your dog will be walked on leash unless we have written
permission to walk off leash. Before we do this we must be confident of full recall.
Your dog will be walked for the full period of time booked. Any travel time is excluded.
We can also offer a pop in service for Puppies or for older dogs who may not require a walk.
We can feed them  and give medication (with written instructions), let them out in the
garden to relieve themselves and give them a fuss and some attention.
We will also clean up after them if necessary.
Important for the safety of the dogs in our care and to ensure harmony on our group walks
we unfortunately:
  • Do not walk Bitches in season, but we will arrange a home visit.
  • Reserve the right not to walk uncastrated males over one year old.
  • Do not walk an aggressive dog or one which begins to display aggressive/dominant behaviour.



We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but the safety of the dogs in our care is our priority.


Our Dog Walking rates are as follows.
Please note these rates apply to our regular hours which are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
A loyalty discount is given for regular walks of five days.
If a client has a specific request or it is an emergency we will obviously gladly help if we can.
Please note however that enhanced rates will apply out of normal hours or for weekends and Bank Holidays.

Please contact us for a quotation.

Individual Walk Rates
60 minute individual walk
30 minute individual walk
Group Walk Rates
All our groups walks are for up to an hour.
 60 Minute group walk
Additional Dog from same family
30 Minute Pop in Service                                         
To feed, let out, fuss and play etc.                              £9
 Out of hours, weekends and Bank Holidays
 Weekends and out of hours
 45 Minute walk
Additional Dog from the same family



30 Minute Pop in service
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Waltham Rambles - here for your best friend when you can't be